Liber Twelve
The Book of Elishah

Parallel Figure


1] O my God, my Lord, my God, why art thou strange unto me? Why hidest thou thy face from me? Canst thou not see my longing? Hast thou not heard my cries?
2] Make thyself known unto me. Put forth thy hand and lead me unto thy place. Call unto me that I may hear thy sweet voice.
3] Ever doth my longing for thee haunt my every waking hour. And lo, even when evening cometh unto me, she refuseth me any peace. For even then do I search for thee in my dreams.
4] With the vehement appetite of a beast do I hunt thee all the days of my life.
5] Lead me unto thy hiding, o thou lonely one. I beg of thee! I beg of thee!
6] Put forth thy hand from behind thy veil and touch the lines upon my face; these are the routs taken by the many tears that have fallen from mine eyes, each time I have sought thee out and failed.
7] Yea, even my tears spring forth that they may seek thee and learn of thy place of hiding. No part of me shall find rest until thou art with me.
8] Verily, I say unto thee, when my right foot tires of this journey of which I am bound, my left will strengthen in determination, that I need not even hesitate.
9] Within no other wilt thou find such devotion.
10] Because of this, must I be as great of a mystery unto thee as thou art unto me.
11] Therefore, test me further if thou must, to see if I am worthy, but keep not thyself from me forever.
12] Even if it be in my dying hour that thou revealest thyself unto me, then so be it.
13] But I beseech thee, my Lord, my God, do not rebuke the life that I have lived for thee; and scoff not at my efforts.
14] And suspect me not of evil intentions, without cause. For true is it that my heart is good and without blame.
15] It is not wealth and power that I seek, but only thy wisdom and understanding. For to me these are more precious than gold as plentiful as sand in the desert, and more beautiful than great seas of diamonds.
16] Truly is that which is worthless to the many, the treasure of the one.

1] Behold! There is a Star, and its name is Truth.
2] Canst thou see its brightness? Canst thou behold its splendour? Surely thou canst not, o thou disciple.
3] For though it shines with all the glory of a thousand suns, it hath long been shrouded in the depths of time, in the darkness and mire of illusion.
4] The distance between thou and It is immeasurable. For now, all that thou knowest of its existence is what I tell thee. But truly is it there.
5] Doubt not its existence and question not its origin. For to do so now would be to gouge out thine own eyes and cause thee to walk in utter darkness all the days of thy life.
6] Question it if thou must, but only after thou hast found it. For how canst thou question that which thou knowest nothing of?
7] To do so now would be foolish indeed. Surely thou art not a fool, o thou disciple.
8] Instead, question all of that which is available unto thee. For even to do this is task enough, yea, and necessary.
9] Fly with me unto the land of the Gods. I am the wicked and evil vulture that thou ridest upon.
10] Come with me and watch as I spit in the face of Buddha and pluck Jesus by the beard, as he hangeth upon the cross.
11] Sing to me praises of joy as I circle over the heads of the blinded masses and rain down terror upon them.
12] And watch and learn as they scatter at the why and the wherefore.
13] Hear their pitiful pleas as they beg for me to silence my wrath.
14] For they know with but a word from my mouth, they will have nothing.
15] And cower not when thou seest me coming, o thou little one, and let not my appearance be a terror unto thee.
16] Behold! There cometh a mighty white stallion, clad in armour made of iron, and decked in gold and silver, and his name is {Emeth: Truth}.
17] Fire and smoke issueth from his nostrils, and upon his coming will he trample down the fool and the liar.
18] And upon this horse wilt thou see a child riding, wearing a blood-red cowl. And above him flyeth a banner of white, and upon his banner will be written a sign.
19] This sign thou knowest not yet, o thou disciple. But know thou well that this sign will be a symbol representative of the universe divine.
20] And also clad is he upon the horse in armour made of iron and decked in gold and silver.
21] And upon their heads shalt there rest a stone of lapis-lazuli, and in the child's left hand shall there be a mighty sword.
22] And out of the mouth of God cometh that sword, and the voice of God passeth through the mouth of the child.
23] And upon the breast plate of this child shalt there be written him a new name, and it is: Vi Veri Vniversum Vivus Vici.
24] Know this child as thou hast known me, o thou faithful one, and fear him not if thy heart be true. Yea, know this child as thou hast known me.
25] And hark, for they shall come riding upon the wind, and as a thief in the night shall they come.
26] Verily, no one shall see his coming until it is to late, for as it is written: Expect him not from the East, nor from the West, for from no expected house cometh that child.
27] Yea, the child cometh and beside him cometh he with his God, running beside him.
28] And from the mouth of his God shalt thou hear him say: I am the lion God, coming forth with strides.
29] And behind them cometh an mighty army. And upon white horses come they also.
30] Behold, o thou disciple! See this not as a day of rejoicing, but instead, see it as a day of gloom, for many will fall in that day. Yea, the earth shall rend herself in sorrow.
31] But in that day, if thou hast kept thy heart to be true, thou wilt ride with him upon his horse.
32] And thou wilt have no fear of his God or his fury, for thou wilt already know him also.
33] Therefore, little one, open thine eyes to that which is hidden. Comfort thyself not in lies, but instead allow thyself no rest until thou hast found the truth.
34] Gather unto thyself all things of learning until thou hast made vast fields of these things.
35] And glean thy fields with the care of an hungry man.
36] Rest not in the arms of the little red Goddess, for she is foul and imperfect and was meant only to approach those who would labor much for truth.
37] Hunger not for the rind, but instead, lust for the fruit that lies within. Yea, lust for the fruit that lies within.

1] Hear me, o thou disciple, for thou must begin thy beginning by a destruction, a destruction of illusion.
2] Every illusion and all illusion, thou must destroy.
3] Thou mayest accomplish this by first ascertaining what is truth? and then what is falsity.
4] If any one thing or idea is not consistent when subjected to inquiry or is contradictory in its rationale, then it is at least falsity in structure, but may or may not be truth in essence.
5] But if any one thing or idea doth not fall under the weight of question, then it is at least truth in structure, but still may or may not be built upon a lie, and therefore may or may not be a lie in essence.
6] But beware, o thou learning one, for this is thy first and most important test. If thou failest here, then thou wilt step no further.
7] Verily, I say unto thee: The ability to discern truth from falsity is by far the most difficult of abilities to acquire.
8] For what would thou do, o disciple, if thou were to meet a man who lieth to thee when thou asketh of him his name?
9] Should thou then immediately disregard every word that falleth from this man's mouth as a lie?
10] What then if this man should declare unto thee: I am a man?
11] Would thou believe him to be something other than a man, in assuming his every word rooted in deceit? Surely thou would not.
12] And what then of the old man who telleth thee tales which consist of events which never occurred and involving men who never existed, but there lie within his tales many important things to be learned.
13] Should this man also be regarded as a liar? And should his lessons be disregarded and ignored because of his use of fables, his preferred tool of application? Surely not.
14] Know this, that one man may lie in an attempt to enhance the importance of the truth which he beholds and wishes for thee to accept.
15] And another man may tell truths in an attempt to conceal a lie that he is either too lazy or too afraid to disregard. For he may be content with not knowing the truth, and may not wish to be perceived as a fool by any who he suspects to be capable of learning of his secret. Understand this, o disciple, that there are many ways in which a liar will lie and many different reasons for him doing so.
16] For one man may lie to make the truth more easily understood. And there are others who lie to conceal the truth. And there are yet others who lie because they do not know.
17] Therefore, o learning one, carefully disregard that which hath proven its self to be false.
18] And put aside that which stands strong when subjected to any and all inquiries. For later, these things may prove to be of great use unto thee.
19] And allow no man to bind thee with false convictions and treacherous virtues.
20] For there exists no commandment save: Seek only truth.
21] Know only truth. Speak only truth. And enflame thyself therewith. Yea, enflame thyself therewith.

22] And the Adept, being strong, sayeth unto his heart: Verily, have we become righteous in the eyes of God.
23] We are now Perfect, you and I.
24] Now must we embrace in Love.
25] Now must we become nothing.
26] And no more shall man speak of us as one nor two, but none.
27] And verily, will he speak truly of us no more, for how canst thou express nothing with words.
28] Ah! But thou canst not, but with silence. And even in this is there found folly.
29] So if there be no understanding of this matter among men, then with what shall we avail ourselves?.
30] And his heart sayeth unto the Adept: Seek ye first the kingdom of Adwnai {Greek: Adonai - Lord}, and all these things shall be added unto you.
31] And so did the Adept go and seek.
31] But finding nothing, he returned unto his heart saying: I am troubled, for I have sought and have found nothing.
32] Then did his heart answer and say unto the Adept: Verily, is it easier for a Camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to entre into the Kingdom of Aë à .
33] And then was the Adept troubled yet further.
34] For so beautiful were the things which he had recieved from God, and the place which he had found them.
35] But the Adept knew that he must move on and that these things could not be removed and taken up unto another place.
36] And so, the Adept did cast down those things of Beauty and went about and continued seeking.
37] And soon after did he find the kingdom of Adwnai.{Greek: Adonai - Lord}
38] But upon approaching, he found that the Gate was shut up tight and would not open up unto him.
39] But upon the Gate did he see a wonder.
40] And it was a seven pointed star, the seventh point being the axle as of the wheel of a great chariot.
41] And verily, is that point an eighth also, but belongeth to the seven still. And that point was covered by {The Hebrew character Gimel: G}.
42] And a voice came from out of the Gate and said unto the Adept: I Am the circle squared and the Path of the Camel, and verily through me canst thou entre into the Holy of Holies.
43] But knowing not how to entre, did the Adept wax in sorrow and went again unto his heart.
44] And unto his heart did the Adept say: I have found the Kingdom of Adwnai {Greek: Adonai - Lord}, but upon arrival did I find that the Gate was shut up tight and would not open up unto me.
45] Upon the Gate did I find a wonder, and therefore was an great mystery solved; but still I could not open it.
46] And his heart said unto the Adept: Verily, as thou knowest, is this Gate the Veil of the Holy of Holies.
47] Therefore must thou call upon him whose name is Oz.{Greek: Otz}
48] And when he hath come unto thee, lead him unto the Gate which is the Veil, for he is the only one who can open it.
49] And thus did the Adept call out unto him whose name is Oz.{Greek: Otz}
50] And there after did he come.
51] And the Adept spake unto him whom he had called and said unto him: Come thou forth with me unto the Veil, that it may be opened unto me, that I may partake of the mysteries therin.
52] But him whom the Adept had called, disputed the Adept saying: I shall not tread even one speck of dust for thee, lest thou know my true name.
53] And the Adept became angry and waxed in Determination and answered him saying: I know thee, thou Goat!
54] Thy true name is Bofoumh {Greek: Bofoumeh}, thou creeping thing that creepeth.
55] I know thee!
56] And the Goat answered the Adept saying: Verily, thou art knower and I am known. Let us now go unto this place.
57] And so did the Adept and the Goat go unto the Kingdom of Adwnai.{Greek: Adonai - Lord}
58] And when they had arrived, did the Adept say unto the Goat: Rend this Veil, that this Gate may be opened up unto me.

59] But the Goat said unto the Adept: I can not, but if thou would invoke my God and his names.
60] Go therefore unto the three divisions of the circle that is about the Gate and invoke the names of my God at each.
61] And the Adept looked towards the Gate, and verily, there was a circle about the Gate which was divided into three places.
62] And the Adept, being troubled, said unto the Goat: The names of thy God I knoweth not.
63] And the Goat did answer the Adept, saying: My God and the numbers of his name is a place.
64] Thou hast fallen, o {Adam: Man}.
65] With thy woman hast thou fallen.
66] And the Adept became troubled more, for he knew not the cipher of the word which the Goat had spoken.
67] And the Adept pondered, but could not find the key.
68] And so did the Adept cry aloud unto heaven: I am a Fool! I know not thy name, o God! Shall I then not be permitted to entre into thy Garden?
69] And thus was the Adept enlightened and came to know the Key, and the cipher of the words which the Goat had spoken.
70] And the Adept did wax in Knowledge on account of these things.
71] And did the Adept say unto the Goat: I know the names of thy God and the number of his name.
72] And verily, is another great mystery solved.
73] And so by his Knowledge, did the Adept begin an holy and great invocation.
74] And unto the West of the Gate, at the point of the first division of the circle, did the Adept grave upon the heavens the Six-fold Glory of God.
75] And there, the Adept did invoke the name of {Adonai: Lord}.
76] This being done did the Adept turn unto his right hand and go unto the next point and did grave upon the heavens the Flaming Star averse.
77] And there the Adept did invoke the name of {Elohim: Gods (plural)}.
78] This being done, did the Adept turn again unto his right hand and go unto the last point and did grave upon the heavens the Flaming Star righted.
79] And there the Adept did invoke the name of {Yehowah: God (Jehovah)}.
80] And then were these things brought together and the Adept did bind them all within the Circle of Art.
81] And upon seeing these things done, did the Adept go unto the Goat saying: Rend this Veil, that this Gate may be opened up unto me.
82] And the Goat answered him, saying: I can not, but if thou would invoke mine Angel.
83] And the Adept replied, saying: I know not the name of thine Angel.
84] And seeing that the Adept had again begun to look troubled, he said unto him: Here is Wisdom: Calculate the number of mine Angel, for when added unto me, it becometh the number of my God. And before thou callest upon him, thou must become as the axle of the wheel. And thereafter shalt thou first pass through Water, and after this, four other things, and finally through Fire, where thou wilt return again from whence thou camest, and again become as the axle.
85] When thou hast done this rightly, wilt thou hear the voice of God, and thou shalt be swallowed up by it. Then wilt thou be availed of this enigma.
86] And then will I bring my horns against this Gate and rend the Veil, that thou mayest entre therein.
87] At that, did the Adept resign himself to this mystery, that it may be solved. And thinking hardly on those things which the Goat had said, the Adept stood finally and spake unto the Goat, saying: Verily, I know the name of thine Angel. And also have I that sign which bindeth him.
88] And the Adept did become as the axle of the wheel, and did pass through Water, then four others, and finally through Fire. And then did he return from whence he came, and there did he call upon the Angel of the Goat and his name.
89] And his pneuma {Greek: pneuma - spirit}did become vigorous and strong and did come with the force of a goring bull.
90] And seeing this, did the Goat bring his horns against the Veil and did rend it. And thus the Gate did open wide unto the Adept.
91] And the Mouth of the Gate being upon the ground, did the Adept look down unto its depths and became afraid and did tremble much. Then did the Adept look unto the Goat for that he might speak wisdom, but the Goat was no more, for he had given his life that the Gate be opened.
92] And a voice did come up from out of the pit saying: Come unto me!
93] But the Adept hesitated, saying unto the voice: Thou art the Gate of Death. Verily, art thou the Gate of the Kingdom of Adwnai {Greek: Adonai - Lord} and the Veil of the Holy of Holies. But that thou art the Gate of Death, I kneweth not before this hour, and I am waxed sore afraid.
94] And again did the voice come from out of the pit, saying: He that shall cling unto his life shall lose it in that hour, but to him that giveth his life, the same shall save him.
95] And the Adept, said unto the voice: How then shall I avail myself.
96] And the voice said unto him: Verily is thy pneuma {Greek: pneuma - spirit} rushed and strong, and thy body hath near forgotten thee, and thine ears are deafened to all but my voice, but thou must pronounce my name and come therefore unto me.
97] And thus did the Adept pronounce that most perfect and secret and holy word Ooumng {Greek: Ooumng}. And thereafter did the Adept see the heavens, that they were full of stars, and his body did become still, and a cloud the colour of silver and purple did come and swallow him up, and he fell at once into the pit. And though he were falling, were he rising still. And the Adept feared no more for those are things of the flesh.
98] And thus did the Adept rise and emerge again from the mouth of the Gate, though he were falling. But the world looked no longer as it did. And thus did the Adept know that he had come unto another place. And he was filled with joy, for the place which he was in was filled with many mysterious things, and the Adept did gain much Understanding.
99] But the Adept did soon wax in sorrow on account of these things, for he knew that he could not stay, for his pneuma {Greek: pneuma - spirit} did call down unto him from the mouth of the Gate, to bring him back.
100] And the Adept did rise and return unto that place from which he came, and did he come again unto the flesh. And there did he close up the mouth of the Gate and did lay his body over its entrence and did extend his arms and legs over its opening. And the Gate was again shut.
101] And being an Magister Templi, did he give praise and thanksgiving unto God.

102] Thou shalt not covet, but Lust is the consolation of Truth.
[Ishanah Librianis Nuk].

1] O my God, my Lord, my God, no longer art thou strange unto me.
2] For I have found thee by force of inquiry and by the virtue of righteousness.
3] Yea, by Determination have I found thee.
4] Though the whore and her legions came unto me with their idle threats and their mockery and woe, I sought thee ever harder.
5] Yea, I cursed them for cowards and drave them out.
6] And then did they run back unto themselves and mutter, laughing and cursing me.
7] And lo, they can deny me no more, for I have questioned God and lived. I have seen the face of God and lived.
8] As a flaming arrow, I shot through the universe in search of God and found him.
9] As a blasphemous and brave young warrior, I stood on the battle ground alone and fought for my rightful place at the throne of God. And yea, I have conquered!
10] Though all around me were blinded and deceived and paralyzed with terror, I fought ever harder in my loneliness. And yea, I have conquered!
11] Though my armour were pierced through, I held ever closer to my shield of wisdom and understanding, and thrust ever more violent with my sword of inquiry. And yea, even then I conquered!
12] None but truth could stand before me.
13] And all these things did I try by the number of me and the one who abides with me, yea, and even the little child.
14] And what of the whore and her wicked children? What have they to say of me now?
15] What accusation hath the accuser now?
16] What hiding place can she find, for I have spoken with God All Mighty and he hath revealed to me the identity of the whore and the beast that she rideth upon and the number of his name.
17] What lies hath she to offer her pitiful children now? For I have accomplished that which she hath deemed impossible.
18] Yea, once they set themselves above me. Now they must face the curse of their misdirection, that the world were ever set in reverse.
19] Will her company now be few and fewer? Will not her congregations crumble.
20] Nay, but for a time and a time, for the ignorant can never be more.
21] A curse upon the fathers and mothers of this time; A blessing unto the children of tomorrow.
22] No longer can she deceive a generation, for unto them I stand as an effigy of completion; mine is the testimony of hope.
23] Ever unto thee, o my God! Ever unto thee do I give thee praise!
24] Ever unto thee have I sought by rite and force of Will, and have found thee, o my God. Blessed be thy name, for I am found.
25] Ever unto thee do I give praise and thanks to God!
26] If I praise thee alone, o my God, thou wilt notice not. For myriads and myriads of praises spring forth from my being without cease. I love thee!
27] Ever unto thee do I give praise and thanks, o my God, for thou hast beaten my foes and brought me closer unto thy bosom!
28] Praise be unto God!
29] Ever unto thee, o my God!
30] Ever unto thee!
31] I love thee!
32] I love thee!
33] I love thee!
34] Glory be to God for the bringing together of the Whore and her Child, and for the revealing of her name through these things.